American Airlines E-mail Scam

Tell your friends.

As the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) put is: “Use caution when opening attachments, even if they appear to have been sent by someone you know.” I have seen lots of reports recently of an American Airlines e-mail scam.

A version I have seen in my “consumer” free e-mail account junkmailbox looks like this:

Tips you can watch for:

  • you probably didn’t order the ticket to Cleveland, but may be concerned someone else did with your credentials
  • as with most of these fake emails, the English is poor “To use your ticket you should print it.”
  • the primary tip-off is ZIPped .EXE file attachment- no company will ever email you an unsolicited .EXE or .ZIP file – You should NEVER open ZIP or .EXE files from email

For further info see Email and web scams: How to help protect yourself.

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