Server Posterpedia V2 Free-as-in-Beer in the Store

Over on the Windows Server Blog, a blog of blogs, Microsoft Community Lead Kevin Beares introduces Server Posterpedia V2. Now with extra goodness, still free-as-in-beer, no charge, gratis. You can watch a short video demo on YT: Server Posterpedia is a Windows Store app designed for Windows 8 and Windows RT that brings graphical content together…

On Proprioception – Dude, did you just flick?

Say what now? There is a new way of interacting with computers, and I have to RTFM? Well, not really. I know that you IT Pros already know all this, but, since you are the TechSupport/IT Department for friends/family neighbors who might be unfamiliar with touch computing as implemented in Windows 8, this tutorial will help…

R.I.P. – Russell Means

One who is gone. Native American, actor, activist, my grandpa look-alike, icon, man I respected and looked up to all my life. He died this week and his ashes were spread on the Rez.    This image (spitting one for grandpa Leo) is from NNN. My confolences to his family, friends, and worldwide fans.

Power to the People

If you read this blog, you know about the TechNet Wiki I helped start a while ago. The wiki represents many kinds of awesome. The best of which is the people who care enough about technology, and the wiki, to contribute content. The wiki has been nominated for an internal Microsoft Engineering Excellence Award. More…

I love this company… here’s 1B reasons why

This year is our 30th Employee Giving Campaign at Microsoft and today we announced that our U.S. employees have raised $1 billion in cash for more than 31,000 nonprofit and community organizations since the start of the campaign.

Free-as-in-beer Microsoft Poster App

Many of you saw this app at TechEd NA and TechEd Europe and asked “When can I get it?” It’s heeeere: Free-as-in-beer. This YT vid shows how it works Seeing it in action explains all. You want to see it in action. Download it from the store now. Did I mention it was…


Leaping Goats, On the Nature of

In his book Three Uses of the Knife: On the Nature and Purpose of Drama, David Mamet writes: …”It is our nature to elaborate perception into hypotheses and then reduce those hypotheses to information uponwhich we can act. It is our special adaptive device….The excess of ability/energy/skill/strength/love is expressed in species-specific ways. In goats it…


Script Explorer RC

Folks, Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell RC has released. Script Explorer helps scripters find Windows PowerShell scripts, snippets, modules, and how-to guidance in online repositories such as the TechNet Script Center Repository, PoshCode, local or network file systems and Bing Search Repository. With RC you get: Community and Microsoft resources integrated in search to help you unlock…

R.I.P. Andy

I had the pleasure and honor of working for a short time in my LBM (life before Microsoft) with Andy Griffith. May he rest in peace. He was one helluvanactor, and an inspiration to me and many he worked with.