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I wrote that.

“And…I’m Spartacus!


I’m not really mini …but how *exactly* would you know that? Folks who know me would say “It is obvious from your blog and other writing that you are not mini.”

My other writing? How would you find that exactly? TechNet does not have bylines…yet.

One way is to look at my TechNet profile, which now shows you some of my recent activity.


You can click the links and go to the things I’ve written on my blog, or in the wiki, or forums, gallery or the TechNet Library annotations. You can then judge for yourself whether it looks like the same person wrote those things, and the things on the minimsft blog.

Remember 1993?


Today, nobody know you are a dog, except Google and Facebook.

The “What Google and Facebook are Hiding” video helps frame this “filer bubble” problem. If you rely on Google and Facebook or the mainstream media to verify identity and authority of information, you’ll end up thinking certain bloggers in Damascus are real, rather than fiction. Or that Sharia has come to NYC (read the comments and background to discover the woman in question is an “alternative marketing” person).

A commentator on this Jaron Lanier NYT post put it this way “In the Fox News economy, no one is ever punished for lying..”

Now, back when I was a kid, if the teacher suspected us of either guessing or cribbing in math class, she would tell us we had to “show your work.”

So Beware. A wise man once told me to beware of folks claiming abilities or achievements that cannot be verified right then. Way he put it “Ever notice the thing about people claiming to be the great lovers and fighters? They can’t show you in public.”

Reagan put it this way – “Trust. But verify.” (I am not sure he really understood that V. Lenin apparently coined this phrase…but I digress.)

One way to verify “authority” is to find and examine transaction history. For much of the social web, that history is partly/mostly/all in the RSS feed. This video shows you How To Subscribe To RSS Feed From Outlook and Internet Explorer IE9.

HINT: If you use Outlook, you can write rules and custom search folders to make this archeological function easier, such as “Only posts from TONYSO that contain the words “PLUGH” and “XYZZY."**

I’m not really mini, I am really the crabby office lady.

No, not really. I am the sitting duck.

**The director’s commentary track for this blog posts notes that if you get these references from the 70’s you are totally awesome.

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