TOC Becomes TOC?

IT Pros have long asked for a “change log” on technical information from Microsoft. For example, the Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 Guide to Operations Manager Integration shows this right up font:


For decades now inside Microsoft TOC has stood for Table of Contents. In this new age of “good enough” text search, should TOC now mean Table of Changes?

Instead of a new doc on “Foo Technology” per version or revision of said technology – each with a new title and URL, would you prefer one uber-doc that allows you to see and understand the current state, yet also “step back” through previous versions?

Kinda like the “History tab” on articles in the TechNet Wiki (Beta):


The “Compare Versions” button allows you to view the changes from any version in the tree with any other version. Additions are highlighted in Green, deletions in Red:


Let us know what you think. Leave comments.

Happy New Year.

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