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Colleague Jim Holtzman is doing a very interesting (and helpful) thing over on the TechNet Wiki. Typically, when you look on TechNet or MSND for something like router (or any hardware really) setup instructions, you find an article that aims to serve the widest possible audience, and therefore does not go into depth on any one particular model or brand. Partly this is because to go into one hw setup and not another would be seen as “playing favorites” and you can’t document them all, right?

Well, on the wiki WE can. For example, Jim has started the ball rolling with 8 or so currently popular Windows Small Business Server 2008: Router Setups.


What’s that you say? Your router is not in the article? Go ahead and add it, it is the wiki way!

Imagine, one place where all the hw setup info for all the router OEMs can be found, and it has an RSS feed so you can get notified (if you subscribe) when it is updated.

Salty goodness. Well done Jim!

Hrmm, that gives me an idea about BIOS settings in Hyper-V….

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