TechEd 2010 – The Journey Continues

Posting this from 37K feet, 14.5 hours into my epic journey to TechEd 2010. Southwest Airlines has in-flight wifi!

Salty goodness.


One strange thing, they haven’t established the pricing yet. It’ll be somewhere between US$N and US$n, but you don;t know the price when you sign on midair. At least it appears to be all you can eat, and they do say in the info sheet:

“As is common on many other public networks, we will attempt to filter indecent content.”

Whew, guess I am safe from my neighbor’s porn viewing, but I wonder if they filter both ways?

Now, let’s see, how long to download a wardriving app and snoop the rest of the plane’s traffic???

Oops, just got my e-mailed rcpt – price is $5 for the 2.5 hours from Denver to NOLA. A bargain!

Now, where’s the jetpack we were promised?



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