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The IT Pro content folks here at Microsoft are trying to change the way IT Pros and developers interact with content. You may have noticed that we have started a wiki


and I hope you didn’t miss the terrific new free-as-in-beer Windows Server 2008 R2: Hyper-V Component Architecture poster.


We will be at TechEd NA 2010 in New Orleans next week- stop by there an tell us what you think in person. I can tell you feedback from satisfied customers, like the email below from Gary, have impact inside the company. I’m not going to sugar-coat – Microsoft is an engineering-based culture, and engineers are always looking for the negative feedback, for the bug reports, for the perf optimization. However, humans respond to stories, and anecdotal feedback does matter.

Let us know what you think. Leave feedback, see you in NOLA next week.

From: Gary
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 6:05 PM
To: Virtualization UA
Subject: My customers thank you....and so do I.
Hello Microsoft Team,
I’m a senior IT Professional working with large enterprise customers on numerous virtualization consulting assignments. I have just downloaded your Hyper-V architecture poster and wanted to pass on my congratulations. This has so much detail, its just incredible. VMWare have nothing like this. The information is very practical and really useful. I think I finally get how storage works. 🙂
Thanks for this great reference.  I have at least a dozen customers I’ll be delivering printed copies too.  Thanks again.
London, UK.


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