Teh Map is not teh Territory

Apologies to Alfred Korzybski, who probably would not appreciate the “leet” translation of his famous saying in the title of this post. Intention = irony.

IT Pros often have to produce maps of “as is” and “intended” architectures for reporting and funds-getting purposes. For example, if you are pitching for funds for SharePoint 2010 farms – you might find this Services in SharePoint 2010 Poster handy. If you are interested in virtualization, check out the deepzoom online version of the Windows Server 2008 R2 Feature Components Poster for IT Pros.


Note that you can create your own deepzoom versions online 🙂 These Visio stencils for IT Pros from the TechNet Wiki (Beta) might help.

IT Pro
Exchange 2007
Office Communications Server 2007



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