Son of What Has They Gots In Their Pocketses?

More and more I’m concluding that the SEO advice currently peddled on the interwebs is snake oil, sold to you by those with a financial interest in you following their advice. Last month I posted a quick TechNet Wiki status update with the completely un-SEO, lacking-in—helpful-keywords, title “What Has They Gots In Their Pocketses?”

My hunch (hope) was that English-speaking IT Pros and Devs would get the reference, and perhaps it would catch their attention?

Seems to have worked, and you can easily spot the “scrapers” when you use “unique” titling schemas. Now, if you want to help the discoverability of your linkspage on PowerShell, I would not recommend titling it “How to Win Friends and Influence People (with PowerShell).” However, a blog post with that title might catch some attention, and be fairly easy for the right-type of human to remember (those who get the joke/reference).

Experiment and come to your own conclusions.

Teh marketing boffins at Microsoft would tell me that calling the wiki topic the “Windows PowerShell Survival Guide” is a mis-step. And that using slang spellings like “teh” for “the” are not on. As are Briticisms like “not on.” And “boffins.”

Thoughts? Leave feedback.

In the spirit of “Son of…” referents, here’s the wiki status sequel as of this morning.

Note:  “users” here means “contributors” – we have more than 10X that many registered “potential users” 🙂

Before (4/23/2010):


After (5/10/2010):


Something going on over there, even though it is till marked “Beta”. We’re going to need a bigger boat…


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