New SuperFlow for Troubleshooting Forefront TMG Installation

SuperFlows are new content types for Microsoft, here’s a new one for troubleshooting TMG installs. In a SuperfFlow, we can filter information to that is it more relevant. For example, in a branching tree, we can show you just the procedures that apply to your resultant set of choices.


Check it out and leave feedback on SuperFlows. What other SuperFlows would you like to see?

Comments (2)

  1. elissaswayne52 says:

    This should prove useful!

  2. Tristan Watkins says:

    Hi Tony,

    Is there any more information on authoring Superflows? I caught the video interview you did on them back in 2008 but I think that was new information then? Is this a new Framework or part of one?

    Tristan: there is no date for releasing an authoring guide for SuperFlows yet, but watch this blog for when there is one.



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