Hyper-V How To: Backup Hyper-V with Windows

John Kelbley’s blog has a recent series of posts (including helpful screenies) explaining everything you need to do a Hyper-V backup is included in Windows Server.

Highly recommended.

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  1. troth says:

    hmm not to labor the point but there is no csv/vss provider available currently so if vhd’s on a csv volume you can’t use vss to back them up. In other words SAN vss backups don’t work, yet!

  2. JohnKelbley says:

    Tony buddy,

    If you have piles of ca$h for shared storage that’s awesome…go ahead and back up your VMs from INSIDE with agents (like you would with a physical system).

    If not, use VSS (which you know is part of Windows Server) and pocket the ca$h and use it for a great upgrade or other Holiday Cheer!!!


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