Hyper-V TV: Getting to Know Hyper-V

Technical writer Felipe Ayora has a new video out to drive awareness of the new Getting to Know Hyper-V: A Walkthrough from Initial Setup to Common Scenarios doc in the TechNet Library* Click the image to play the vid, or go to: http://www.microsoft.com/video/en/us/details/40500ac7-a9b3-437a-bf5b-f9cb5ca4e09c *You can download a printable version of the guide: Getting to Know…


Hyper-V How To: Find Hyper-V Technical Information and Resources

There’s a new aggregation page on TechNet that collates TechNet Library, Blog, and other resources such as Videos and scripts: http://bit.ly/7UiIjp. Highly Recommended. Interesting taxonomy too – how do you like it? Leave feedback and thanks in advance. Planning Pre-Deployment Tools Installation Guidance Deployment Management Workload Specific Benchmarks Add to that the new free-as-in-beer Windows…


This is Your Brain on Twitter

The interwebs quote “studies” that claim we humans have ~70K thoughts a day. That’s about .81 thoughts per second if you are awake every second of the 24 hour day (86400 seconds per day/70,000 thoughts). I can’t seem to find the underlying “studies” to determine if they are using an 18 or 12 hour “work-day”…


Hyper-V How To: Backup Hyper-V with Windows

John Kelbley’s blog has a recent series of posts (including helpful screenies) explaining everything you need to do a Hyper-V backup is included in Windows Server. Highly recommended. Best Part of Hyper-V Backup and Recovery Is Windows! The Wonder of Volume Shadow Copy and Hyper-V  DiskShadow / Xcopy BACKUP of Hyper-V DiskShadow / Xcopy RESTORE…


How Content Planning Works

Once again XKCD proves how much content development for the IT Pro is like software engineering:


Free-as-in-beer Windows Server 2008 R2 Feature Components poster

There’s a new free-as-in-beer poster on the download center showing Windows Server 2008 R2 features and how the relate to each other. Salty goodness. For example, confused about Hyper-V architecture? For Hyper-V, if you like your pictures to move – check out the Hyper-V Architecture Demonstration Video on Microsoft.com 3:56. From the DLC: This poster…


Hyper-V How To: Configure Windows Server 2008 R2 Core

The newly released (and free-as-in-beer) Core Configurator 2.0, helps with config tasks including: Product Licensing Networking Features DCPromo Tool ISCSI Settings Server Roles and Features User and Group Permissions Share Creation and Deletion Dynamic Firewall settings Display | Screensaver Settings Add & Remove Drivers Proxy settings Windows Updates (Including WSUS) Multipath I/O Hyper-V including virtual…