Books are the way the dead talk to the living.

I was a ha-yuge Laurie Anderson fan in the 80s. I’ve seen her perform live more than I’ve seen any other artist, United Sates a couple of times, and Mister Heartbreak twice. Think that defines me as a fan.

“Holy smokes, looks like some kind of guest/host relationship to me…”

image“Let X = X, ya know?”

The way she chanted her lyrics opened up worlds of meaning for me. It wasn’t a Mondegreen, because I believe she knew I would hear:


It aches

It takes one

It takes 1 2

It takes 1, to no-1”

Ironic I now work in I.T.

She’s a gifted artist, teacher, inspiration. Genius.

I thought of her tonight as I listened to an old recording I’d made of a conversation many years ago with Dialog Coach Andrew Jack. Among other things, he’s responsible for the dialect work in the Lord of the Rings.


Gifted artist, teacher, inspiration. Genius.

“language is a virus”

Books are a medium of transmission.

Increasingly, so are sound recordings. We are missing something really important in this whole podcasting/webcasting/zunecasting thing…

According to Text2Go:

The average worker in the US spends 46 minutes a day commuting. That's almost 200 hours or over 8 days a year wasted. Enough time to listen to

  • 23 novels,
  • 522 magazine articles,
  • or 2088 blog posts.

I am getting more and more enamored of listening to Narrator read text-to-speech in Win 7 for stuff that I do not need to focus on intently. For those studying dialects, the different accent voices, like those you can hear at is fantastic. You just load the screen reader with the appropriate accent with the actual dialog you have to say, then listen/repeat after the bot till fluent – instant electronic coach.

Well, at least it’ll get you started till you can arrange to get with Andrew.

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  1. Tristan Watkins says:

    Hi Tony,

    Serendipitously enough, I downloaded "O Superman" on Friday night – a long overdue replacement for a CD that went missing ages ago.

    Thanks for the blog entries recently. Lots of good stuff!



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