Avatar: Av two, they’re small

This is not the image search for Tony Soper you were looking for…

Doing a Bing image search on yourself can be eye-opening. For instance, I once worked with this guy (great actor and human being BTW, check out his current TV show)


And I currently work with this guy – also a fine human being that is a pleasure to work with, check out his blog


I’ve used various obscure but meaningful-to-me images for Tony Soper as avatars across the interwebs, including

image and image and   image (my fav and current).

Just to clarify, I’m not the ornithologist, and I once looked like this…


And this blog post – aside from sweeping my pics folder clear of images of Tony Soper, is designed to see if I can modify those Bing image search results a bit…

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