Answeredness as a Competitive Advantage

Microsoft’s community forums have a nifty feature that is a little hard to find because you need to begin to ask a question before you see it.

Let’s say you go to the Hyper-V Forum, and you have a question about Processor affinity. You can search “How to Set Processor Affinity?” and you’d get these results from the Hyper-V Forum (in 0.8 seconds):

Results 1-6 of 6 for: How to Set Processor Affinity? (0.8 seconds)

Or, you can Ask a question  “How to Set Processor Affinity?”


and when you click into the Body box you get these results, which include answers from different forums:

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Just sayin’, you might wanna do both. Chances are if the answer to your question exists over in another forum, for example security or windows or SQL, you may need to know about it.

I think of it as IT Pro blind-spot detection.

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