How to: Set Bing Images as Your Desktop Wallpaper

CodePlex has a nifty free-as-in-beer app that sets your desktop wallpaper with the Bing daily image. Salty goodness. And Free-as-in-beer.


PowerShell PowerBoots

The good folks at Codeplex, the folks who bring you the free-as-in-beer Hyper-V PowerShell SnapIn also bring you the PowerShell PowerBoots. “ PowerBoots makes it easier for scripters to create graphical user interfaces in PowerShell, exposing much of the power of WPF to PowerShell in a simple syntax which supports events, threading, and much, much,…


Script Center Gallery Hits

The new TechNet Script Center Gallery has a useful RSS feed of most active submitted scripts. This help me find two useful ones: Login monitoring : Connects to a security log and retrieves successful login events and returns time, user, and type of login List all groups in the domain and all members of the…


Free-as-in-beer Security Baselines for Win7, BL and IE8

The Security Compliance Management Toolkit Series provides organizations with an end-to-end solution to help them plan, deploy, and monitor security baselines of Windows operating systems and 2007 Microsoft Office applications. Recent updates include new security baselines for Windows® 7, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and Windows Internet Explorer 8. Did I mention, free-as-in-beer? Includes: Windows 7 Security…


Job Templates for HPC

Josh Barnard on the High Performance Computing team at Microsoft has a new video out explaining Job Templates in HPC. Click the image to watch the video on msn video. You can read the white paper at Windows HPC Server 2008 Job Templates.


Hyper-V How To: Test Hosts for Proc Compatibility for VM Migration

In Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V R2, when a running or a saved state virtual machine is migrated to another virtualization server (also called “host”), the destination server may have a processor with a different set of features. An operating system or application that attempts to execute CPU features discovered when the virtual machine was…


How To: Deploy Windows XP Mode

There’s a new video showing How to Deploy Windows XP Mode. Requisite see alsos: Others who downloaded Window XP Mode IT Pro Deployment Video also downloaded: Deploying Windows XP Mode white paper and scripts Windows XP Mode IT Professional Deployment Overview Installation instructions and Release Notes for Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode Building…


Hyper-V How To: Do a VM Config-only Export in Hyper-V R2

Ben’s blog post lays out all the background and details on import/export of VMs in Windows Server 2008 R2. Soumya’s blog post gives a couple of scripts showing how to do a config-only export,a nd a script for importing it.


This Is Your Brain on Drugs

Scientists in Switzerland map the human brain on hallucinogens. Measured this way, all tripper’s brains look the same, yet internally, each drug-takers experience is different and personal… Warning: clicking the link subjects you to a short commercial before vid plays. Can anyone tell me how to skip the commercial?  


Books are the way the dead talk to the living.

I was a ha-yuge Laurie Anderson fan in the 80s. I’ve seen her perform live more than I’ve seen any other artist, United Sates a couple of times, and Mister Heartbreak twice. Think that defines me as a fan. “Holy smokes, looks like some kind of guest/host relationship to me…” “Let X = X, ya…