VMworld 2009 Bumpage

Jon Brodkin on Network World reports some bumps in the road at VMworld 2009 in his article VMworld 2009: Virtualization, controversy and eating your own dog food.

“ …the data center didn't work as well as intended, with attendees reporting continuous technological problems during a vSphere boot camp Sunday and during hands-on lab sessions on Monday. "It was rather unpleasant," said attendee Jay Weinshenker, a database administrator for Luminex Corp., in Austin. "The labs I really look forward to. There is huge demand for them and they're good to get a lot of hands on experience. They talk to you a little bit and then you get to click around, try actually messing around with some of it, and you couldn't really."

He also seems to object to booth babes, the mark of a dedicated IT Pro. Well, it’s the mark of something or other…


“…"Booth babes" were not absent from the conference show floor, with PHD Virtual Technologies displaying two young ladies dressed as nurses. BlueCat Networks one-upped the competition with their well-traveled reps clad in skintight silver spandex, as also seen at Interop Las Vegas.

However, the disturbing factoid was

“…even among VMworld attendees most customers are not putting the majority of business-critical applications on virtual servers. Nearly 7 out of ten respondents are virtualizing fewer than 50% of business-critical apps, according to a survey of 200 VMworld attendees by the vendor Virtual Instruments. Concern about performance is the main roadblock limiting adoption of virtualization for critical workloads.”

Wow. I wonder how many of those businesses have read any of the case studies about Microsoft running it’s global enterprise on virtualized infrastructure for the last several years?


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  1. jeremy says:

    I know you meant bump-age, but I read it as bum-page.  <chuckle>

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