Hyper-V Podcast: TR9 – Bob Muglia

Shortly after TR9 I had the opportunity to talk with STB President Bob Muglia about Virtualization. Click the picture to open this 5 minute audio podcast from my public Skydrive (TR9 – Bob Muglia).  Includes Bob’s thoughts about customer advantages of Microsoft’s virtualization solutions, including Hyper-V R2 and System Center, as well as thoughts about what the future holds as IT moves to the cloud.


For more information see http://www.microsoft.com/virtualization.

Comments (2)

  1. Mario says:


    Is there any best parctices around Hyper-V and storage requirements? Found out (the hard way) the other day that guest images create a file the size of the VM’s RAM on the disk. We have lots of VMs with 16GB ram and this filled the disks.. suprise.

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