There is no “Them” There

Another Pun-tastic blog post title designed to defeat SEO!

Seriously though, in talking about Community (notice the capital C there?) with my peers, I encourage them to stop thinking of “us” as opposed “ them”, meaning YOU. “The Community” (another capital there…) includes us, at least that’s how it makes sense to me.

One “community” feature of interest to IT Pros (I’m going to stop both “quoting” and parens now…) is the Community Content feature on TechNet/MSDN.


For example, Hyper-V admins need to know the current list of patches for Hyper-V, so we list them here: Comprehensive List of Hyper-V Updates. However, since just about any workload might be running on that Hyper-V server host box, the admin might need to know about “related” patches too. So, we list those down at the bottom of the page in the Community Content.


Good idea? Useful? Leave comments.

Steve Holland has a new video on the Community Content feature of TechNet and MSDN.  Click the image to watch the 10.5 minute video.


Check out the annotations page to grab the RSS feed of changes, then you can use your RSS reader to follow any updates to that page. I use Outlook and filter based on keywords of interest – saves a lot of time.


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  1. Shamsuddin says:

    Yes,that system it’s really very very amazing and have much more advantage and already stand behind to support microsoft.Thank you.

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