Better Living Through Twitterment

Microsoft has a search engine for twitter. You can find some interesting results and new information. For example, someone recently twitted a blog post of mine (shown below). Is this Leetspeak? fat fingers?

Netgenoten Goed artikel: Hyper-V How To: Learn to Deploy Virtual Desktop Pools
Thu, Jul 30 05:29:18

With the use of bing translator (using auto-detect) I learn that it’s Dutch for “Just enjoyed a good article:” Not sure what I can do with that info yet, but perhaps I’ll add this twitterer to my list of Hyper-V influencers for the Netherland. Because I now know that this person has some interest in Hyper-V, perhaps I’ll follow their twitterfeed to learn of some new resources. I assume it’s a person and not a bot…

I’ll use TwInbox to do this from Outlook.

When I worked at IT Showcase, one of the first things I’d do when assigned a new topic is look up the internal mailing list membership of my content subject matter experts (SMEs). I’d then subscribe to some of those, and start watching the traffic on those lists. At the least, this allowed me to quickly pick up the lingo and universe of commonly (over)used acronyms, as well as detecting the “hot topics” in that technology.


Check out BingTweets about Hyper-V #bing

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  1. Blake Handler says:

    Huh? That’s not Microsoft’s Twitter Search . . .

    Microsoft’s Twitter Search is called “BingTweets” – and can be found here:

    Blake Handler – Microsoft MVP

    “The Road to Know Where”

    Thanks for the catch Blake, fxed.

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