Translator? Traitor!

There is an old Italian saying that goes “Traduttore, traditore.” that warns “"The translator is a traitor."

Localization is a hugely important activity for us in IT Pro content development. So is this whole “community/Web 2.0” thing. There is a new effort in this area we need your help and feedback on. Check out this page

imageWhat’s going on here? We publish a page of technical content in English, run it through Machine Translation (MT), post the MT side-by-side with the English, and then rely on you, dear multi-lingual reader, to use the wiki-like functionality on that page to help improve the MT translation.


Is this going to work? What do we need to do to help you as multilingual IT Pros embrace this pilot, and help us make it a success? Leave comments here, or send feedback/suggestions to and I’ll route to the correct team.

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