You say snapshot, and I say checkpoint, and he say undo. You say potato…

Snapshots in Hyper-V, checkpoints in SCVMM, diff-disks in VPC, undo in Office… can’t we all just get along?


As the terms and technologies have changed, people have gotten confused about the best use scenario/what is supported for snapshots. Here are some good recent blog posts, discussion and the FAQ to help you sort it out.

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Snapshots: FAQ

Virtual PC Guy's WebLog : Hyper-V Terminology

Virtual PC Guy's WebLog : Managing Snapshots with Hyper-V

Virtual PC Guy's WebLog : Virtual Machine Snapshotting under Hyper-V

Virtual PC Guy's WebLog : Where are my snapshot files? [Hyper-V]

Virtual PC Guy's WebLog : What happens when I delete a snapshot ...

SCVMM 2007 Checkpoints are the new UNDO | Media | TechNet Edge

About Virtual Machine Checkpoints

Hyper-V / SCVMM: Why aren't snapshots (checkpoints) recommended as a backup method?

Taylor Brown's blog post explains away some of the confusion around backup/snapshot in Hyper-V:

See also:

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