Hyper-V How To: Configure CSV Best Practices

Some best practices to share based on the experience of Microsoft support folks (thanks to Steven E.):


Best Practices:

  • Use Cluster Shared Volumes to store files for Hyper-V virtual machines to gain the following advantages

    • Provides a namespace (example: C:\ClusterStorage\volume1) which makes finding your files and managing your files much easier and doesn’t require managing drive letters.

    • Provides availability enhancements which allow virtual machines to stay running even if a server loses connection to the storage, or if network connections fail.

    • Volumes use the standard NTFS file system, no conversion or special file system is required.

    • Multiple VMs can have their files on the same volume while also being able to be managed independently of any other VM in the failover cluster, including being able to live migrate, quick migrate, or move between nodes.

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