Hyper-V How To: Fix “check BIOS settings” error

Many of you have been looking for help on the Hyper-V setup error “Hyper-V launch failed; No-execute (NX) or DEP not enabled on processor %1 (check BIOS settings).”

Hypervisor Availability: Event ID 52

Event Details

Event ID:


Symbolic Name:

Hyper-V launch failed; No-execute (NX) or DEP not enabled on processor %1 (check BIOS settings).

Check BIOS No Execute setting

Hyper-V requires hardware support, including: an x64 CPU; VT (Intel) or AMD-V (AMD) hardware extensions; No eXecute (NX)/eXecute Disable (XD) and full BIOS support for hardware virtualization.

Check your physical computer's BIOS settings to ensure that the No Execute BIOS setting is enabled, then turn off the power to your physical computer. Restart the physical computer. NOTE: resetting the physical computer is not sufficient.

You can use the Virtualization Detect (DetectVp.EXE) tool to check if the physical machine meets the requirements for Microsoft Virtualization Software. This test checks virtualization support for both Intel and AMD processors.

To download the WDK .iso file:

1 - Go to the Microsoft Connect Web site at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=100623 and sign in with your Windows Live ID.

2 - Enter the Microsoft Connect Web site. Click Connection Directory.

3 - Click Developer Tools, and then click "Windows Driver Kit (WDK), Windows Logo Kit (WLK) and Windows Driver Framework (WDF)."

4 - Click the Download link to download 6.1.6001.18002.081017-1400_wdksp-WDK18002SP_EN_DVD.iso


Hypervisor successfully starts.

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