Productivity Tip: If I Started it, it’s IN

Thought I would share an e-mail productivity tip that has made a huge difference for me. By default, outlook saves a mail that you start, but have not yet sent, in the DRAFTS folder.  That way, if you start a mail, then get interrupted, or called away from your computer, the work you did is not lost – as long as you remember to go back and look at your inbox.

Since I strive to get to inbox0 each day I changed the default location of draft e-mails to my inbox. This way, anything that I have started, but haven’t yet sent, is at the top of my inbox for processing.

Works a treat for me. Try it, you might like it.

To change your default draft mail save folder:

1. Open Outlook and click Tools, then click Options.

2. Click E-mail options, and then click Advanced E-mail options

3. In AutoSave items in: select InBox

4. Click OK three times.

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