How To: Get Us Out of the Economic Crisis

Lean into education. The next generation are the ones who will have to save the world’s economies and environment. The US Govt economic stimulus package will start funneling long-overdue financial support to schools.  What can you do?

Make sure your school’s IT organization is making use of all that Microsoft has to offer. For example:

Windows Essential Business Server (check out the Momentum program support you can get)

Windows SteadyState 2.5


Microsoft Answers

Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS)

TechNet Plus

Semblio: Microsoft Semblio consists of an SDK for developers to create and package content; an assembly tool for educators to combine multiple types of content into a single, multimedia package; and a runtime media player that students and educators can use to view and interact with the lessons and presentations.

Get more productive using free Office templates

IT Pro learning snacks

Start posting videos to free Silverlight Streaming

Microsoft Online Services

Socialize your IT department - make maximum use of the new developments on TN/MSDN, such as Social Bookmarking, Forums, CodePlex*. Community Content

Train up with Microsoft Assurance Learning Benefits

Intranet Site Model Zip Download (74.0 MB)

Is the school you are connected to making use of all these resources? If not, please e-mail them this blog so they can check out what’s available.

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