Free Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Beta

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 is the free virtualization server OS from Microsoft. It is NOT Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. To understand the (important) differences, see

That being said, the Beta of Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 is now available at:

What’s new?

1. Failover Clustering and Live Migration

2. Processor and memory upgrades: up to 32-cores and 1TB of RAM

3. Hyper-V Configuration Utility

Comments (2)

  1. Simone says:


    Hyper-V Server v2 will have Failover Clustering Feature?

  2. Anonymous says:

    As you might recall Hyper-V Server 2008 is a further Hyper-V optimized version of a Server Core installations

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