Hyper-V TV: Getting to Know Hyper-V

Technical writer Felipe Ayora has a new video out to drive awareness of the new Getting to Know Hyper-V: A Walkthrough from Initial Setup to Common Scenarios doc in the TechNet Library* Click the image to play the vid, or go to: http://www.microsoft.com/video/en/us/details/40500ac7-a9b3-437a-bf5b-f9cb5ca4e09c *You can download a printable version of the guide: Getting to Know…


Hyper-V How To: Find Hyper-V Technical Information and Resources

There’s a new aggregation page on TechNet that collates TechNet Library, Blog, and other resources such as Videos and scripts: http://bit.ly/7UiIjp. Highly Recommended. Interesting taxonomy too – how do you like it? Leave feedback and thanks in advance. Planning Pre-Deployment Tools Installation Guidance Deployment Management Workload Specific Benchmarks Add to that the new free-as-in-beer Windows…


This is Your Brain on Twitter

The interwebs quote “studies” that claim we humans have ~70K thoughts a day. That’s about .81 thoughts per second if you are awake every second of the 24 hour day (86400 seconds per day/70,000 thoughts). I can’t seem to find the underlying “studies” to determine if they are using an 18 or 12 hour “work-day”…


Hyper-V How To: Backup Hyper-V with Windows

John Kelbley’s blog has a recent series of posts (including helpful screenies) explaining everything you need to do a Hyper-V backup is included in Windows Server. Highly recommended. Best Part of Hyper-V Backup and Recovery Is Windows! The Wonder of Volume Shadow Copy and Hyper-V  DiskShadow / Xcopy BACKUP of Hyper-V DiskShadow / Xcopy RESTORE…


How Content Planning Works

Once again XKCD proves how much content development for the IT Pro is like software engineering:


Free-as-in-beer Windows Server 2008 R2 Feature Components poster

There’s a new free-as-in-beer poster on the download center showing Windows Server 2008 R2 features and how the relate to each other. Salty goodness. For example, confused about Hyper-V architecture? For Hyper-V, if you like your pictures to move – check out the Hyper-V Architecture Demonstration Video on Microsoft.com 3:56. From the DLC: This poster…


Hyper-V How To: Configure Windows Server 2008 R2 Core

The newly released (and free-as-in-beer) Core Configurator 2.0, helps with config tasks including: Product Licensing Networking Features DCPromo Tool ISCSI Settings Server Roles and Features User and Group Permissions Share Creation and Deletion Dynamic Firewall settings Display | Screensaver Settings Add & Remove Drivers Proxy settings Windows Updates (Including WSUS) Multipath I/O Hyper-V including virtual…


Hyper-V How To: Plan Performance

Customers often ask “Given a hardware load-out X, how many Ys can I get/run/host?” The frustrating answer always starts with “…it depends…”. We caveat this way not because we want to frustrate, but because it is true. Many teams will go on to say “We have tested the following in our labs and gotten the…


Love Me, Love My OS

There is an interesting IT Pro content development over  in KBs. When I go to a KB that does not apply to my current OS, I get this: This is frequent scenario for IT Pros because security best practice is to NOT browse the web from your server. So, if there is a problem on…