Il ne peut pas se produire ici? …When Was Your Last Security Audit?

Read this story about Jerome Kerviel, and get worried. According to news reports this guy: “used his knowledge of the group’s security systems to conceal his fraudulent positions” “had worked for the bank since 2000 and earned a salary and bonus of less than $145,700” and perpetrated “a $7.14 billion fraud — one of history’s biggest” That’s…

Son of Microsoft Redefines Virtual

You have followed all the recent annoucements about Microsoft and virtual technologies. You may have missed that the upcoming launch event will have an online “virtual” version for those who cannot attend in meatspace. Watch the blog about it here:   See a YouTube video preview of the experience here:

How To Feed Yourself

TechNet has a nifty feed of “How-to” videos on Windows Server 2008. Check it out at:

How Microsoft IT Does Security

Check out new ‘casts from IT Showcase on internal Microsoft security: How Microsoft IT Manages Physical Security through Strategic IT Convergence Join this session to gain a better understanding of the Microsoft Worldwide Security Operations and how they protect Microsoft assets in a manner consistent with corporate culture. Through the strategic deployment of security systems,…

NAP and Microsoft IT

TechNet edge has a good new video chat with the PM for NAP and the Microsoft IT guy who ran all of Microsoft;s internal deployment (ww) on 2 NAP servers! It’s a little over 33 mins long – which is longer than many of the vids. Check it out at: Stars: Jeff Sigman (the…

To "SIR", With Love

The third volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) is now available. SIR Volume 3 (January through June 2007) and Key Findings Summary: The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) provides an in-depth perspective on the changing threat landscape including software vulnerability disclosures and exploits, malicious software (malware), and potentially unwanted software. Each individual report…

Microsoft Redefines Virtual

The upcoming WS08 launch event has a teaser here: that promises a virtual launch event (click on virtual launch experience), complete with “virtual backpack” that’ll allow you to “collect the content you want to keep”. Imagine the trees that’ll be saved… this launch looks like it might have the lowest carbon footprint Microsoft has ever thrown….

Lone(ly) Server

Anyone who says either: 1) Microsoft adpersons have not sense of humor 2) No one at Microsoft is upset about Billg leaving …should watch this. Watch the longer version of this video (and read the story of the Lone Server) here: