Free-as-in-Beer Snacks from TechNet

TechNet recently launched free-as-in-beer "learning" snacks. Learning Snacks are short, interactive presentations about popular topics created by Microsoft Learning experts. Each Snack is delivered by using innovative Microsoft Silverlight technology and includes various media, such as animations and recorded demos. At the end of each free-as-in-beer presentation, you can view more Snacks, learn more about the topic, or visit a related Web site.

Video: Implementing Windows Server 2008 Security Snack

TN learning snack on Ws2K8 Server Security. Including how to use gpmc to edit GPOs.

 Video: Microsoft Virtualization Snack

5 minute TN learning snack overview of Microsoft virtualization.

 Video: Intro to Windows Server 2008 Virtualization Snack

5 min TN learning snack on WS2K8 virtualization.

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