GTD: Take a Penny Applied to Outlook

You know those little dishes beside cash registers marked "Give a penny, take a penny"? It is one manifestation of the "pay-it-forward' meme. I give an extra penny from my transaction change now when I don't need it, and I take one later when I do.

Folks who follow the Getting Things Done methodology are always looking for the equivalent in action mangement. An easy example: so that you won't forget to take the <important thing> with you in the morning, put it in front of the door before you go to bed. See what I mean?

Anyway, in that spirit I offer this little insight into an invaluable time-saving  Outlook 2007 feature if you have RM installed We do here at Microsoft: on the Permissions menu. select Do Not Reply All, and you have saved everyone on the mail the time it takes to delete all the replies if they are not interested in the thread.

Comments (2)

  1. Vossie says:

    This setting is a good solution preventing a lot of clutter in ones mailbox. However, this setting generally seems to be unavailable.

    Given that this is in between bars, I assume not only the Information Rights Management module is required, you would also need to have a Windows Rights Management server installed and configured for these particular options. (atleast, I don’t see them when configuring a windows rights management when using the Microsoft evaluation RM service.)

    So the option is great, but I have to assume this is only there when you environment is configured exactly like the Microsoft internal RM environment.

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