Virtualization Launch and Social Bookmarking Call to Action

While it will be great to get together for our virtualization launch on Sep 8, we're obviously not always together... Let's collaborate on a collection of the best Hyper-V resources that we can provide to launch attendees, but continue to build on afterwards.

TechNet will be launching a new application on Sep 9 designed to open up TechNet to more community input. Social Bookmarking (currently in Preview) will allow you to see the most popular resources for any topic, from across the interwebs, as determined by the community.

As of this writing, there are 104 bookmarks saved with the "hyper-v" tag, but most have been provided by just 2-3 Microsoft employees. While these Microsoft-focus links provide value, the entire community could make this set of links even richer. Add to the list, or "vote up" what you see there by adding existing bookmarks to your own. Watch them come in as they're submitted on this RSS feed.

The most popular current bookmarks will be integrated into the Virtualization Solution Center, as long as they use the "hyper-v" tag. I would suggest using 2-3 additional tags to make it easy to query for bookmarks on a related topic like "TS" or "VMM" or "Softgrid", whichever applies.

The goal is that on Sep 9, these URLs will be one of the most valuable destinations for great Hyper-V resources. (Note that these URLs won't be active until Sep 9, as our domain structure is changing for the release.)

- HyperV bookmarks (RSS)

- HyperV + VMM bookmarks (RSS)

... and so on.

So sign in at and help us start building the ultimate database of Hyper-V links on the web!

Also check out the

New Virtualization RSS Feed

Free (as in beer) blog and Twitter aggregator (independent bloggers and 14 Microsoft bloggers on either TechNet or MSDN) for virtualization: VirtualizationFeed at Most handy if you are a lover of aggregators.

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