What Makes a Good Leader?

Asked today at work: “What qualities would make you an exceptional leader and role model for your employees?”

My answer: Transparency

wikipedia says: Transparency, as used in the humanities, implies openness, communication, and accountability. It is a metaphorical extension of the meaning used in the physical sciences: a "transparent" object is one that can be seen through.

Two years ago, this meant "thou shalt blog." Although blogging is a good first step, it is not sufficient. It does help you "get" transparency - blogs are useless if not regularly updated. The daily pressure to find something others will find interesting puts your daily focus where it should be  - customers/employees needs.

Engagement in the customer's/employees community (wherever that is) "shoulder to shoulder" with them will encourage and engender transparency.

Are you a role model of transparency?

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Comments (1)

  1. Jeremy Hagan says:

    My answer: Open Standards.

    Let your required standard of work be known and always meet it yourself.  There is no room in leadership for hypocrisy.

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