Hyper-V on the Edge

TechNet Edge has posted a series of videos with the Hyper-V PMs, and various other folks involved in virtualization, such as Managing Hyper-V with PowerShell.

How Microsoft IT does server Virtualization and Hyper-V

Hyper-V Part 1 - Architecture - Interview with PMs

Hyper-V Part 2 - VM Snapshots - Interviews with PMs

Hyper-V Part 3 - TAP and VSS Snapshots - Interview with PMs

Hyper-V Part 4 - Disks and iSCSI - Interview with PMs

Hyper-V Part 5 - High Availability - Interview with PMs

Windows Server 2008 Virtualization Bryon Surace in the Fish Bowl

Interview with Windows Server 2008 Virtualization program managers


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