Hyper-V Visio Stencils and Rack Visualization

If you need to produce diagrams as part of your Hyper-V deployment planning, you can download Hyper-V stencils for Visio and simultaneously using the free Microsoft Office Visio 2007 Professional Add-In for Rack Server Virtualization (Virtual Rack). Installing this add-In adds a new template called “Rack Server Virtualization“ under the “Connectors” Templates category. You can use this template without running the tool.

NOTE: this tool requires local admin privileges on every server you run it on, as well as:

1. .NET Framework 2.0

2. Microsoft Office Visio 2007

3. Microsoft VSTO 2005 SE Runtime

Running the inventory and analysis tool (if your datacenter allows it) gives you a visual picture of Power Drop and Rack space saved according the target virtualization consolication factor you entered (by default 3:1):


You can set the consolidation criteria based on several factors:

1. Power Rating: The server with higher Power Rating is considered to be a better candidate than server with lower Power Rating.

2. Rack Space Used: A Server that occupies more space is merged into the Server that occupies less space to minimize the space occupied by the Servers within a Rack.

3. CPU Utilization: A Server with lower CPU Utilization is merged into the Server with higher CPU Utilization.

4. Physical Memory: Server with lower Physical Memory will be merged into the Server with higher Physical Memory.

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