How To Run MSDN and TechNet on Hyper-V

By now you may have heard that all of MSDN and TechNet run in production (with 4 million hits per day) on a pre-release version of Hyper-V. If you are interested in the specifics of performance and architecture, read the technical article on how MSCOM Virtualizes MSDN and TechNet on Hyper-V.

For example, some perf info:

· Hyper-V CPU overhead (as measured by the parent partition utilization) was 5 to 6 percent with linear progression as the number of requests increased.

· CPU oversubscription (three four-processor VMs on an eight-processor physical server) resulted in 3 percent lower overall performance per physical server based on overall requests per second per 1 percent CPU.

· Requests per second per 1 percent CPU performance of MSDN over the previous physical server platform improved.

· Physical MSDN handled 21 percent more requests per second per 1 percent CPU than virtualized MSDN.

Note: Requests per 1 percent CPU was a primary performance benchmark for our MSDN deployment because it distilled Hyper-V's effects down to a simple, but meaningful, number for these Web sites.

The success of Hyper-V as a web platform for both MSDN and TechNet for performance and stability has given the MSCOM ops team  confidence to accelerate plans to implement Hyper-V for many of the other sites, such as the live traffic testing of on Hyper-V. Costs savings forecasted from running both System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) v2 with Hyper-V should justify the measured overhead. The lessons learned section of the paper says:

  • If the three percent or less in additional overhead from oversubscribing resources is consistent with additional application workloads tested, oversubscription with Hyper-V should provide MSCOM Ops significant flexibility and reasonable performance for application consolidation.
  • Read more about how this team runs some of the most trafficked web sites in the world on their Operations TechCenter, Blog, and Forum.  

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