How Hard is to Catch and IT Pro Tweeting?

Scott Hanselman's blog post on the the Usefulness of Micro-blogging stirs a couple thoughts. Aside from corp-to-consumer marcom aspects -how do IT Pros use twitter-like apps?

Security incident response? Networking at events?  Hanselman warns:

"One thing to point out (warn you) about Twitter is that tweets tend to be more sarcastic, silly, non-technical, whatever than on a blog. It's important to remember that what you say on Twitter is public, indexable, and arguably permanent, which is both a good thing and a bad thing, but be aware - The Internet Remembers."

Twitter as Message Bus

Hansleman points out:

"There's a number of examples of Twitter being used as a message bus. For example, you can create a Twitter user as a "bot" to be used to send an receive information via an API. One such user is "commuter" that supports the website."

Any IT Pros pursuing this for Data Center alerts?

Share -discuss - tweet if you must, its allowed here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Following on the earlier post asking you all what you thought about Twitter , I find this interesting

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