PowerShell Learning Resources

Ramping up? Here is what I have found - please share what you have found.

To start you off there is a TechNet library node for PowerShell core at: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb978525.aspx
"...contains the Help content for conceptual topics, cmdlets, and providers. This content is published here on TechNet so that we can provide updates to the Help content that is shipped with Microsoft® Windows® PowerShell."

Professional Windows PowerShell Programming: Snapins, Cmdlets, Hosts and Providers

Creating cmdlet Help blog post

TechNet Script Center PowerShell Tip of the Week

Script Center Script Repository: Sample Windows PowerShell Scripts

Windows PowerShell™ v2.0: TFM 3rd Edition - Pre-Release Sample Chapter

Windows PowerShell Cookbook: for Windows, Exchange 2007, and MOM V3

Windows PowerShell in Action

Pro Windows PowerShell (Pro)

Codeplex PowerShell Community Extensions

jaredpar's blog posts

PowerShell Team Blog

TechNet PowerShell Tag Cloud

Bink.nu PowerShell Tag Cloud

PowerShellTunnel - script your app from PowerShell at runtime

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