Real IT Pros Hunt in Packs

...or at least, they might if they could. Soon, they will be able to search the Internet as a team. Imagine if you and N members of your crack team could all cooperate on the internet search portion of your incident response or troubleshooting task?

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Check out this post about SearchTogether, a super-cool project coming from Microsoft Research.

Pass this on to students you know as well, they just might find it usefull...

The ST Beta site explains: "SearchTogether can benefit any group of people who are interested in investigating a topic together, such as students working on a group report, colleagues working on a joint project, or friends planning a shared vacation or other social activities. SearchTogether supports both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration styles.  

SearchTogether's collaboration features include group query histories, split searching, page-level rating and commenting, automatically-generated shared summaries, peek-and-follow browsing, and integrated chat."

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