Free Microsoft Database in the Cloud (Beta)

Sign up today for the free (signup required) Beta of SQL Server Data Services (SSDS).  SSDS are highly scalable, on-demand data storage and query processing utility services. Built on robust SQL Server database and Windows Server technologies, these services provide high availability, security and support standards-based web interfaces for easy programming and quick provisioning.

From the FAQ:

SQL Server Data Services is a storage and query processing utility providing mega scale, high availability, reliability, and geo-distributed data services in the Cloud. Customers use the service on-demand, with no up-front cost. It eliminates the initial investment in hardware and software and the on-going cost for storage administration, scale maintenance. Developers and Service providers can quickly run their on-demand applications with minimal infrastructure cost.

Target Customers:

  • Small to medium businesses looking to reduce their capital and operational cost of storing and maintaining high-volume data off-premise.
  • Developers and Service providers hosting data-intensive and mashup on-demand applications with minimal infrastructure investments in security, availability and manageability.
  • Enterprise customers building edge applications can collaborate on large or shared data sets.

Target Customer Scenarios:

  • Archival data (e.g., aged data).
  • Reference data (e.g., catalogs).
  • Storing large amounts of structured or semi-structured data with a flexible schema definition or unstructured data with related structured metadata.
  • Running applications that can tolerate data access latency across the Internet.
  • Storing data that is naturally partitionable into disjoint data sets requiring little or no cross-correlations.
  • Running applications that have limited or batched data access.
  • Read-only or read-mostly data sets.
  • Typical scenarios include business solutions like HR services, healthcare records management, data archiving and internet facing applications like social networking and picture sharing.

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