Windows Server 2008 (WS2K8) Video Top Hits

Curious George lists top-rated WS2K8 videos from TechNet Spotlight here. Reprinted below for the You may wonder why these don't appear on the How-to videos list of the new WS2K8 TechCenter - it turns out that the only videos we can list on that feed are videos that are available in the download center. So, unitl I can get that changed keep watching your favorite bloggers!

 Windows Server 2008 Deployment Overview - Michael Niehaus, Tim Mintner

 The 10 Most Important Things About Failover Clustering - Jim Teague

 Power Management: Windows Server - Stephen Berard

 Dynamic Partition: Windows Server - Davis Walker

 Windows Server Longhorn - Iain McDonald

 Windows Server virtualisation - solution scenarios - David Hitchen

 Windows Server 2008 Kernel Advances - Mark Russinovich

 Active Directory Domain Services in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 - Stephanie Cheung

 Virtualization in Windows Server - Mike Neil

 Managing Windows Server 2008 with Server Manager - Dan Harman

 Using Group Policy with Windows and Windows Server 2008 - Mazhar Mohammed, Derek Melber Employing Windows Server 2008 and Internet Information Services 7 - Paul Wright, Brad LeRoss

 Living the Longhorn Life: What's Up With Windows Server 2008 - Mark Minasi

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