TechNet Search Gets Better

IT Pro tribal wisdom says that Microsoft gets it right at about version 3. TechNet has a new release of search (3.0, 'natch), with new "refinements" that allow you to easily scope to forums, or the KB. The events and errors db is now indexed! You can get nifty tips as well such as:

Search Tips

Operation Syntax Examples
All Terms term1 AND term2
term1 & term2
term1 term2
Exchange AND Compliance
Exchange & Compliance
Exchange Compliance
Any Terms term1 OR term2
term1 | term2
Exchange OR SQL Server
Exchange | SQL Server
Exclude term1 -term2 Vista -Ultimate
Group (term1 term2) Vista AND (Support OR Training)
Exact Phrase "phrase" "Exchange Compliance"
Preference prefer:[op]term2 Exchange prefer:Vista

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