Kids These Days…

The conversation about respecting copyright around music with my teenagers started  like this: "Dad, if it was illegal for me to copy my friend's music CD, would Media Player say Rip Music??"

If, like mine, your teens seem to listen easier to peers, rock stars, homeless people - ANYONE rather than their parent - then Microsoft's beta MyBytes website may be what you are looking for.

Spoonfull of sugar = ringtones, Music Mixer, community

Medicine = education about intellectual property law

For example:

"Microsoft's survey found that about half of the teenagers surveyed (49%) said they are not familiar with the rules and guidelines for downloading content from the Internet. Only 11% understood the rules well, and of those, 82% said downloading content illegally merits punishment. Among those unfamiliar with the law, only 57% supported punishment for intellectual property violations."

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