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Our first month's metrics about visitors to the VMM Technical Library worried the PTB, so they asked me to cruft up an alternate nav scheme. Here's a list of what I anticipate will the top-most-visited areas of the library...

...notice the self-fulfulling part of the equation?

About Deploying VMM

  • Getting Started – Locations of the resources for evaluating, deploying, and using VMM
  • Installing Virtual Machine Manager – Procedures for installing all components of VMM
  • Deploying VMM Using a VHD  - Instructions for installing a pre-configured virtual hard disk (VHD), and use it to create a virtual machine that has a pre-installed evaluation version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2007.

About Configuring SCVMM

About Upgrading

About Creating and Configuring VMs

  • How to create a hardware profile – Provides the procedure and detail links to creating a hardware profile as part of the New Virtual Machine Wizard.
  • How to create a template – Provides the procedure for creating a standardized set of hardware and software configuration settings and can be used repeatedly to create virtual machines that share those settings.
  • How to clone a VM – Provides the procedure to create a new virtual machine that is based on an existing virtual machine and deploy it or save it to the library.

About Troubleshooting VMM

  • Virtual Machine Conversion Issues - Provides guidance for troubleshooting issues with virtual machine conversion using the Convert Physical Server Wizard (P2V).
  • Installation Issues - Provides guidance for troubleshooting issues that may occur when you are installing Virtual Machine Manager, prerequisite software, and tools.
  • Library Management Issues - Provides guidance for troubleshooting issues that may occur when you are managing Virtual Machine Manager library resources.

Press CTRL+F on a troubleshooting page, and then enter your error number or text to search for the possible cause and solution.

About Host Ratings

About Checkpoints

  • Checkpoints – Provides an overview of checkpoints for a virtual machine that allow you to restore the virtual machine to a previous state.
  • How to Create a Checkpoint - Provides a procedure for creating checkpoints.
  • How to Merge a Checkpoint - Provides a procedure for merging a checkpoint when you no longer need to restore a virtual machine to its state when the checkpoint was created.
  • How to Restore a Virtual Machine to a Checkpoint - Provides a procedure for restoring a virtual machine—including its guest operating system, application settings, and application data files—to its state when a checkpoint was created.

About P2V

About V2V

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