VMM: Install VM Additions

VMM does not install VM Additions for you. For example, assume you have just converted a physical server (P2V). You need to install the VM Additions. There are two ways:

  • Administrator Console

  • CLI 

If you have to do this once, you will probably have to do it again. First copy the VMAdditions.iso file to your Library. 

To add the Virtual Machine Additions to the Library:

1.        Locate the VMAdditions.iso file. By default this is in

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Server\Virtual Machine Additions

2.        Copy the VMAdditions.iso file.

3.        Go to \\localhost and select the share named MSSCVMMLibrary.


This share is the SCVMM Library.

 4.        Create a folder named ISOs.

5.        Paste the copied file into the ISOs folder.

6.        In the Administrator Console, select the Library and locate the ISO you just copied to the library share.

The VM does not need to be running in order to attach an ISO to a Virtual DVD drive, but the VM does need to be running in order to install VM Additions.

To install Virtual Server additions in the VM:

1.        In the Administrator Console, select the VM and view Properties.

2.        On the Hardware Configuration tab, select the Virtual DVD Drive.

3.        Choose Known Image File and Browse to VmAdditions.iso.

4.        Select Use ISO from Library instead of copying.

5.        Go into your Guest, run the CD, and install the additions.

6.        Allow the Guest to reboot as needed.

PowerShell Script

# Install-VMAdditions.ps1

$vm = $args[0]

if ( $vm.Status -eq ‘Running’ )


$vmadditions = get-iso | where { $_.Name –eq ‘VMAdditions’ }

Set-VirtualDVDDrive –VirtualDVDDrive $vm.VirtualDVDDrives[0] -Link –ISO $vmadditions




write-host "The VM must be Running before you can install VM Additions."


To use this script, enter the following commands:

$vm = get-vm –Name “My VM”

C:\Scripts\Install-VMAdditions.ps1 $vm

The VM Additions installer will launch automatically inside the guest OS.


On the Set-VirtualDVDDrive lines, the -Link parameter means: Point to the ISO inside the library instead of copying it to the host

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