Tester Community

There is a new community site for Test open today over on MSDN at: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/testing/default.aspx 

"At the Tester Center, our goal is to provide a community where software testers can share knowledge and learn from each other about testing, our day-to-day job functions, processes, the tools we use, and the various roles we play. As you look around the site, you’ll see videos, articles, blogs, and other information. "

Featured technical articles include:

Best Practices: Code Reviews | by Josh Poley, Microsoft Corporation, August 2007
Learn some nuances of the C and C++ languages and the Microsoft Windows APIs that can lead to hard-to-diagnose bugs.

.NET Matters: Debugging Finalizers by Stephen Toub, Microsoft Corporation, November 2007
Find out how to use finalizers as a way to warn developers who use your custom types when they are garbage collected without having been disposed of correctly.

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