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I have been asked to participate in working group that is looking into several areas of interest around the future of content publishing at Microsoft in a crowdsourcing world. You can read one take about that world in the Wired magazine article The Rise of Crowdsourcing.

Any feedback on the MSDN Wiki? Should TechNet follow what MSDN has done here?

MSDN WIKI Stats as of 7/28/07

Community Content Blocks: 4002

Community Content Edits: 6294

Topics with Community Content: 3228

Contributors: 2078

Topics with Tags: 262

Community Content with Tags: 187

One interesting comment on Soma's blog announcement to kick-start the discussion:

# MSDN Wiki is Live

Friday, June 09, 2006 5:40 PM by Pick A Bar

Personally, I turn to reputable dev blogs when I absolutely positively have to find the right info to solve those intractable coding issues that arise from time to time...then if all else fails, I search the official docs ;). Well,...


Do you have opinions, resources, hopes+dreams, fears+concerns about what a "wikipedia" approach to technical content at Microsoft might mean?  Is that even the right model to think about?

Share by leaving comments here, let's 'source this together.

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