Open Source at Microsoft: New Website Opens

Open Source at Microsoft has a new weblaunch today. IT Pros will want to watch this site for Microsoft's next steps in building bridges that help them do their jobs.

See also:

Microsoft Research (MSR) and the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft have partnered with Penn State University to study usability design in open source projects. This summer, the lab is hosting a PhD intern looking at human computer interaction and computer usability at Microsoft and in open source. Read the PDF (258 KB)

·         Port 25 – Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft (Will also host a blog from Bill Hilf in the morning)

·         Codeplex – Microsoft’s open source project hosting site

·         Shared Source – Microsoft’s set of programs for sharing source code with customers, partners, governments, researchers, etc.

·         John Lam’s Blog – MS Developer, good blogs on IronRuby, Dynamic Language Runtime, Silverlight, etc.

·         Microsoft Open Source ISV Forum – offer for OSS ISVs through Microsoft Partner Program

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