Data Mining MySelf: What Does Your Netflix Queue Say About You?

Netflix stock took a downturn, and the website has been offline for the last 12 hours...hrm...

Before the boat sinks, I grabbed my queue and history to learn the new Office bells and whistles for data mining. Here's what I learned in about my family entertainment choices in about 10 minutes:

25% Drama
16% Foreign
13% Thrillers
10% Television
10% Documentary
6% Music & Musicals
6% Sci-Fi & Fantasy
6% Independent
4% Horror
3% Special Interest

In 12 months we watched 212 DVDs, at $20 a month that's less than a $1 per DVD. Seems like we got a good deal.

Oh, and if you are used to using the sorting and charting tools in Excel 2003, expect to spend some time figuring out where all those features are in the new Excel 2007. Perhaps it is much easier for the first-time charter, but I found it annoying that my habitual right-click options had moved around.

What's in your queue?

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