To Those Who Guard the (IT) Border: Spartans are nae feared

Hats off to our own Microsoft security "grunts". According to the July 2007 issuePopular Science magazine they have the 6th worst job in science!

"Like wearing a big sign that reads “Hack Me” 

The article says: "The people manning secure@microsoft .com receive approximately 100,000 dings a year, each one a message that something in the Microsoft empire may have gone terribly wrong. Teams of Microsoft Security Response Center employees toil 365 days a year to fix the kinks in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and all the behemoth’s other products. It’s tedious work. Each product can have multiple versions in multiple languages, and each needs its own repairs (by one estimate, Explorer alone has 300 different configurations). Plus, to most hackers, crippling Microsoft is the geek equivalent of taking down the Death Star, so the assault is relentless. According to the SANS Institute, a security research group, Microsoft products are among the top five targets of online attack."

Without you, this company would be pwned in minutes. Let no one say they don't see the "value add". Thanks for your service.

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